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Just a leisurely 550km trip with no transmission oil….

Posted on 4th June, by motomethod in Blog, BMW, Customer Bikes, Random, Rebuilds, T-Shirts. No Comments

Just a leisurely 550km trip with no transmission oil….

So we get a phone call the other day asking if we can pick up a motorcycle, “sure” I say, “…what is it ?”

He says “a 2012 BMW R1200GSA” in a thick German accent, “it’s at this and that street…”

I say “OK, whats the problem ?”

“… the transmissions pooched….” (a shop who shall remain nameless didn’t tighten up the transmission oil drain plug)…

So we go grab it… with all its luggage weighing the thing to probably 1200 lbs, and huff it in the back of our truck. He then asks, “I can rent space space in this shop and do it myself right ?”

“Well, sure” I said, “but do you have any idea how to do it ? …or have all the special tools ?”

“ Thats no problem” he says, “… its under warranty… I’ll make a call to Germany to get one of the boys to come out and fix it… “ (By the way, thats the kind of service you get when you buy a BMW in Germany and go touring around the world on it).

Long story short, out flies a senior technician the next day with his tool bag and a big box with a new shiny transmission in it.

At 9am he wheels the bike on the lift, and whips out his light saber and chops the thing in half by lunchtime. Then has a sandwich… tells us some stories, and gets right back to it ( zie Germans don’t mess around ! )

Transmission slides in like he has done it a thousand times, and the bike goes back together just as quick as it came apart…

Takes it for a test ride…and says “Done, can I buy a t-shirt before I jump on the next flight home ?”

And just like that, takes off into the sunset like a hero in a western movie.
 It was quite amazing to watch the whole process, and makes me think twice about buying a new beamer with that kind of service !

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